Sep 11, 2010

Live Food Cafe

SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens :
Live Food Cafe :: artist in residence project : Green Smoothies
Using bike pedal-powered smoothie blenders and various food-foraging expeditions, Dhyana creates a connecting device between the power of fresh nutrient-rich food, and the pragmatic politics of finding or growing sources of fresh food today. Expeditions to/from the local farmers markets, community gardens, enviroschools efforts and other local growing spots will be explored, as well as trips to seek out other local food sources, such as several council-tended gardens which are specifically grown to be foraged.

This blog was formed as a note-taking device to record my learning about raw, green smoothies, foraging, which can now provide starting points for other peoples journeys into raw and green smoothies.

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SCANZ 2011: Eco sapiens :: Hui & Residency ::
Extinction or Adaptation? Evolution or Revolution? What are we facing?
The complexity and urgency of the crises of today calls for us to engage together in new ways. Deep shifts in our consciousness may be required for long-term cultural changes to occur. This is a call for expressions of interest from people who are concerned with these issues.
A symposium followed by a residency is to be held over the last two weeks of January 2011 in New Plymouth, Aotearoa New Zealand.
About is a project based research centre which consists of an international network of people interested in interdisciplinary creativity. Project foci include interdisciplinary projects, education initiatives and residencies all with a strong focus on environment.